Does the Pintstein fit other types of glasses?

No, the Pintstein is made to only fit a 16oz. shaker pint glass.

Does the Pintstein fit all 16oz. pint glasses?

The vast majority of 16oz. pint glasses are the same size with only a small variation in the thickness of the glass. These will all fit.

Does the Pintstein fit an imperial pint glass?

No. It must be a 16oz conical pint glass made of glass.

Does the Pintstein keep your beer cold?

The Pintstein helps keep your hand off the glass so that you are not warming up your beer with your body heat.

Is a pint glass included?

No, but do you really need another pint glass.  We've made the Pintstein so that it fits pint glasses that are easily available.

Is the Pintstein dishwasher safe?

Hand wash only.  I need to do some manufacturing changes and lot more testing before I can say the Pintstein will tolerate the harsh environment inside of all dishwashers.

Does the Pintstein work with hot drinks, like coffee or tea?

I would not recommend it.  The lid is not designed for hot drinks. Condensation from the steam will collect on the lid and run down when open.

Does it prevent spills?

No.  The lid rests on the top of the glass preventing anything from falling in.  If you were to knock it over, nothing would keep the drink from spilling out.

Does the lid lock into place?

The lid is on a simple lever.  There is no mechanism to keep it sealed shut.

Can you customize the lid with a logo?

 If only a few customized Pintsteins are needed, 3 inch round stickers will fit the top of the lid and are the simplest option.
For larger orders, please contact us.  

When unfolding the Pintstein, does it snap into place?

Not yet.  As we refine the design, this is one feature we would like to add.

Does the base of the Pintstein absorb condensation or act like a coaster?

No, the holes in the bottom of the base, allow air and water to pass through. Without this, the suction on a wet glass makes it difficult to remove.